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Stinnet IllustrationStinknet is an invasive plant in Pima County that crowds out native plants and is highly flammable. It grows from a couple of inches to two feet between November and May, and upon flowering produces thousands of seeds. It will start flowering around February. Once it dries up, it becomes flammable. Stinknet can also cause headaches, and severe skin and respiratory reactions.

Help us track the spread and join the fight to remove stinknet in Tucson.

Reporting and removing early is essential! If possible, remove it after it emerges; DO NOT let it flower!



Stinknet sightings are increasing in Pima County! We need your help Reporting or Removing Stinknet.

Now is the time to eliminate this pesky invasive before it spreads further in Pima County.

You can get involved by joining a stinknet pull! More information can be found at the Desert Museum website. 


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Large infestations crowd out native wildflowers!

Stinknet can grow in a wide variety of places, including backyards, desert riparian areas, sidewalks, and disturbed or undisturbed soil. Infestations spread rapidly, growing in dense clusters easily displacing native vegetation. Large infestations are extremely difficult to eliminate. Reporting and removing early is essential. 

Photo credit: Zach Duncan

Dried plants become a fire hazard!

After the growing season, the plant dries, fueling fires and suppressing native wildflower blooms. It forms dense, highly flammable infestations that release an intensely acrid smoke when burned. During growth, the plants can cause severe allergic reactions, both dermal and respiratory.